A multidisciplinary training with great professional opportunities
in the field of engineering and architecture.

The course aims at forming a cultural and professional profile as an engineer-architect and holds together the humanistic, scientific and technical training in a didactic path organized organically over five years, without solution of continuity.

The didactic approach, which sees the project as a moment of synthesis, ensures the acquisition of skills and professionalism linked to a constantly evolving reality and, also for this reason, tends to favor innovative pedagogical models.

The achievement of the title allows graduates, among other things, to enroll in the Register of Engineers, the Register of Architects or even both.

Access is limited in accordance with the European Directive which ensures the free movement of graduates throughout the United Europe.

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The teaching activity takes place at the Polytechnic School and Basic Sciences complex of the Federico II University of Naples. In addition to frontal teaching, theoretical and practical exercises are carried out as well as design workshops that favor group work and constant teacher-student interaction, also encouraged through tutoring activities.